TerraCycle Coffee Pods

For us sustainability is a non-negotiable and it has shaped The Branded Coffee Co in all elements of our brand, from our production process to our packaging.  And of course our packaging includes the capsules our delicious coffee is inside.

Coffee capsules have not always been environmentally friendly however when we were developing our Emme Mac Black coffee we chose a 100% compostable capsule solution and we wanted to provide our customers with a composting service.  When we discovered TerraCycle and their Roast and Return Coffee Capsule Composting Program it was quickly apparent that we needed to partner with them. But who is TerraCycle and what do they do?  Well stay tuned, because you are about to find out as we take a closer look at sustainability in the coffee industry.

Who Is TerraCycle?

TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company that has quickly become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste.  TerraCycle was founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky, then a student at Princeton University, on a mission towards Eliminating the Idea of Waste®. From these humble beginnings TerraCycle has grown into the global leader in collecting and repurposing hard­-to-­recycle waste: operating in over 20 countries, engaging over 60 million people, and recycling billions of pieces of waste through various innovative platforms.  

​TerraCycle is like no other waste management company in the world.  Their vision and values shine through in everything that they do, including their infrastructure.  Their offices are made entirely from upcycled waste, from the walls covered in ever­changing graffiti from local artists to the desks and other office furniture.  TerraCycle thrives on a culture of transparency and high­ energy innovation.  

They offer a huge range of free drop off and postage recycling programs targeting a wide range of products and industries.  Some of these include: 

TerraCycle Coffee

How Does The Roast And Return Coffee Capsule Composting Program Work?

The TerraCycle program is so effective in responsible coffee capsule recycling, because it is so simple!  It is free for anyone to use and only requires three very simple steps.


Step 1. Join The Program 

First of all you must register to join the program.  Simply visit the program page, and fill in your details. Once you’ve received your confirmation email, you’re ready to start collecting your empty packaging and get recycling!


Step 2. Collect Your Empties

In order to recycle the coffee capsules properly, first any excess liquid from the coffee capsules needs to be drained out to ensure they are completely dry.  This is to avoid dripping packages and help ensure your collections arrive safely.  We recommend collecting your waste in a plastic bag placed inside a cardboard box you already have or can obtain.  Still a little confused?  You can download this accepted waste poster and place it on your collection box for reference!  


Step 3. Ship For Free

As an active collector in the program, you will have access to download free shipping labels for this program.  Download one from your account, affix it to your box and drop at your nearest Australia Post for free.  Something that is good for the environment and doesn’t have any out of pocket expenses?  Sounds like a win: win to us!


And that’s it!  See, we told you it was incredibly simple.

What Happens To The Waste?

So now that you have completed your sustainable practice, and sent your recycled coffee capsules away, what actually happens to them?  Well, once collected, the compostable coffee capsules are sent to a commercial composting facility where they will be combined with other organics, bacteria and microorganisms that will slowly break the coffee capsules down into compost.


How Can I Get Involved?

So after reading all about TerraCycle, are you ready to enjoy your morning or afternoon (or anytime really) coffee with sustainability in mind? If you are nodding yes then the best way to get involved is to place an order of Emme Mac Black coffee capsules (psst – join our mailing list for a sneaky discount).  With a variety of delicious blends available to suit each person’s unique tastes, Emme Mac Black is the perfect coffee that is delicious without compromising on sustainability.

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