Our Coffee

Our Coffee.

Like wine, whisky or chocolate, coffee has distinct flavour profiles – and a world of tastes that go with them.

We wanted to capture and celebrate these flavour profiles without compromising on the convenience of the capsule, so we created our own range, Emme Mac Black, with three bespoke blends that cater to bold, balanced and mild
flavour profiles. Whether you’re the choosier kind or you’ve got one blend on your mind, our range has you covered.

Our Range.

Our 100% organic, Fair Trade Certified coffee blends cater to the uniquely Australian palette; uncomplicated, rich, smooth and bold.

With an elegant simplicity to them, our flavour profiles aren’t complicated by numerous flavours or overwhelming styles and can be enjoyed either black or mixed with milk.

Working together with our roasters, we have produced three premium and distinct blends to complete the coffee drinking experience, whilst also providing an elegant and functional addition to the home, office or hotel room.

Our coffee capsules are 100% compostable and Nespresso® machine compatible, filled with premium-quality espresso coffee, and our beans are blended and slow roasted locally.

Our Partners.

From the hot, humid plantations in India to the altitudes of South America, we source our beans across multiple continents and countries across the equatorial ‘Coffee Belt’ in order to bring the highest quality coffee to you.

Coffee nerds like us will know that the provenance of coffee beans has a huge impact on the flavour, with things like altitude, temperature, rainfall and sunlight all playing a role in the final taste of your morning coffee.

Working with our partners, we balance the sweeter, balanced tones of Latin American beans with the spicier woodiness of Indian beans, for an unforgettable flavour.

Our Roasters.

Once the premium selection of global beans are sourced, our coffee roasters will then work their magic to produce a distinct, delicious taste across every batch.

With an unparallelled passion (some might say obsession) for balance, taste and flavour nuance, our roasters use a traditional Italian style slow-roasting technique.

Why this style? It ensures every bean is evenly roasted, and the micro-roasting approach allows us to continue to refine, adjust and improve our coffee in every batch.