Sustainable Practices for Coffee Lovers

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Sustainability is definitely a buzzword that we hear a lot of these days in all aspects of our lives. As we become more aware of our impact on the environment, it becomes more prevalent that we adapt certain practices in our daily lives and take a more sustainable approach where we can.

Believe it or not, sustainability also has an impact on our favourite beverage, coffee. But what is sustainability? How can we be more sustainable in our coffee consumption? And how does sustainability fit in with The Branded Coffee Co? Don’t worry we have all the answers for you and believe us, it’s easier to adopt sustainable coffee practices than you might think!

Firstly, What is Sustainability?

In a nutshell, sustainability means we are meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.

In the coffee industry sustainability is not a new concept and has been a prominent concern for many years, with many keeping a close eye on how climate change and fair trade impact coffee production, which has had at times, a volatile history.

How Can I Be More Sustainable with My Coffee?

Sustainability is something that we very strongly believe in at The Branded Coffee Co, and it shines through in everything that we do.  From our coffee production to our products themselves, to our office stationery (made of recycled coffee cups) and the business partnerships we take part in – we have carefully crafted and chosen all of our processes, products and packaging with sustainability in mind.  So you can enjoy your favourite Emme Mac Black coffee blend without any feelings of guilt, knowing that as you sip on your morning coffee or savour your afternoon pick-me-up, it’s not costing the planet.

So how does this all impact you, and your delicious warm frothy beverage that has become a sacred part of your daily routine?  There are so many easy ways that you can be more sustainable with your coffee, in fact they are so easy it will have you wondering why you weren’t doing them in the first place!

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1) Coffee Consumption

We completely understand that it is mighty convenient to just grab a coffee on the go from your favourite cafe in a disposable cup, but this is actually terrible for the environment.

In most disposable coffee cups there is a thin layer of plastic which helps protect you from burning your hands, but this thin layer of plastic means that your seemingly innocent disposable cup isn’t biodegradable and can’t actually be recycled.  According to Choice “Planet Ark says that about 60,000 kilos of plastic waste from coffee cups is directed to landfill each year in Australia” – which seems like a lot to us!  While using a reusable cup instead isn’t exactly a new concept and in covid times not an option, it is a simple yet very effective way to sustainably consume your coffee.

Looking for a sustainable option to get you through lockdown?  Consider getting yourself a cafe quality set up at home!  With products such as the Elite C-20 Coffee Capsule Machine, access to premium quality coffee has never been easier.  Plus with a huge range of complimenting accessories available such as cups made of double walled glass, you will quickly find that your new favourite cafe is in fact your kitchen bench.

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2) Compostable Capsules

There has been a huge rise in coffee capsule popularity since its humble beginnings in 1986.  But unfortunately these convenient little coffee bursts are not always great for the environment.  This is because the majority of coffee capsules are made from a combination of aluminum and plastics, which means they are not biodegradable.   In fact, they usually take between 150 and 500 years to break down in landfill, which when you consider that there were 59 billion coffee capsules produced in 2018, that is quite a daunting combination.

But don’t worry; it isn’t all doom and gloom!  In recent years there have been developments to create environmentally friendly alternatives – just like the ones we use here at the Branded Coffee Co.  Our capsules are 100% certified compostable using industrial compostable practices, through the TerraCycle Roast and Return Coffee Capsule Composting Program, which is free for all The Branded Coffee Co customers.  This forward thinking program follows a simple three step process:

  1. Join the program – simply visit the program page, fill in the form and you are good to go.
  2. Collect your empties – place your empty coffee capsules into a cardboard box, then download the accepted waste poster and attach it to your box for reference.
  3. Ship for free – download your free shipping label and drop your recycled coffee capsules at your nearest Australia Post for shipping.

3) Select Fair Trade Blends

While many of us may notice “fair trade” written somewhere on our coffee packaging, have you ever stopped to wonder what this might actually mean?  To achieve the fair trade tick of approval, your coffee needs to be produced in accordance with a strict set of standards that encourages environmental sustainability and ensures that the people involved in the production of the coffee are treated and compensated fairly.  When you purchase a product that isn’t fair trade certified it is possible that it’s production involved water pollution, deforestation, use of GMO’s and harmful pesticides and even forced or child labor.

But the good news is that it is super easy to support fair trade coffee.  It is honestly as simple as taking an extra few seconds to read the packaging or website you are purchasing your coffee from for the certification.  Just like our products here at The Branded Coffee Co, which have all been produced to be 100% organic and fair trade certified.

Whilst sustainability may seem like something that is way too big for any single one of us to have an impact on, this is not the case.  By implementing the simple yet super effective ideas above into your daily routine, you are already having a huge impact in improving sustainability in the coffee industry.  Time to celebrate with another coffee we think!

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