Top 3 Benefits of Industrially Compostable Capsules

Coffee capsules have largely taken the world by storm, surging in popularity over the last 10 years.  But as fast as they have risen they have also gained a bit of a bad wrap for being unsustainable and harmful for the environment.   At The Branded Coffee Co, we believe that sustainable coffee should be delicious, convenient and organic so that you can feel good about your daily brew time and time again.  

Through partnering with initiatives such as TerraCycle, we have managed to achieve a sustainable product that doesn’t compromise on flavour or convenience.  But what are the key benefits of using industrially compostable capsules?  Keep reading to unravel the mystery and start your journey to sustainable coffee consumption.

But First, What Does Industrially Compostable Actually Mean?

Industrial composting received its name because it can effectively break down a broader range of industrial products than most traditional backyard composting methods.  It is conducted in a highly controlled environment with specific temperatures and conditions required in order to break down the product materials in a timely manner.  Through a strict process and guidelines, industrial composting is able to apply a far higher temperature to the already pre-processed packaging material with this heat breaking down the packaging and speeding up the decomposition process.

Benefit #1 - Industrially Compostable Capsules Have A Smaller Impact On The Environment

It probably isn’t a surprise that using industrially compostable capsules like the Emme Mac Black range is better for the environment.  Conventional coffee capsules have been increasing in popularity for many years, with the coffee capsule industry having grown into a multi-billion dollar empire.   While it is estimated that 75 percent of conventional coffee pods with aluminium or plastic components tend to end up in landfill, many coffee capsule companies are recognising the need for change and like Emme Mac Black have taken steps to produce their capsules using sustainable materials. 

In fact, through the use of an industrial compostable capsule the decomposing process of coffee capsules can be reduced from 500 years to just 12 – 20 weeks!  Sounds like a massive win for the environment to us!

Benefit #2 - Industrially Compostable Capsules Are Convenient

There is nothing more convenient than having freshly brewed coffee available at the simple push of a button.  Coffee capsules allow you to have a wide range of flavours available at one time so your coffee blend can be exactly what you need it to be on any given day.  And even further on this, through programs such as TerraCycle, they are also convenient to dispose of and recycle.  By following the simple and easy to use process detailed on TerraCycle’s website, recycling used coffee capsules has never been easier.  So you can get back to enjoying your coffee, knowing that you have done your part for the environment. 

Benefit #3 - Industrially Compostable Capsules Are More Economical

Research points out that filter coffee uses more beans for a single cup of coffee than coffee pods. It is also very energy-intensive and expensive when you add in the time and energy used to harvest, transport and refine the coffee beans into what becomes one of our favourite drinks.  

But that’s not all!  Capsules are also more efficient for us – the coffee lovers.  The energy required to brew coffee from a capsule is much lower when compared to other coffee brewing alternatives. 

As the world moves to embrace a more sustainable focus when it comes to our favourite morning ritual, industrial compostable coffee capsules have quickly become one of the most popular ways to consume coffee.  At The Branded Coffee Co, sustainability is incredibly important to us and it is the first thing we consider before we launch any new products.  If you are as passionate about sustainability and great coffee as much as we are, then you are in the right place and can find more tips on sustainable coffee consumption here.

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