If you love coffee as much as we do, you have probably heard coffee being referred to in all it’s different forms over the years. From ground to beans and everything in between we are all on that quest to find the most delicious and convenient roast. But one form of coffee that has gained immense popularity over the past 10 years is definitely the humble coffee capsule.

While you are probably thinking “oh you mean coffee pods,” we are here to tell you that there is actually a difference between the two. How are they different you ask? Well keep reading, because we have all the answers so that you will never order the incorrect coffee format again!

What is a Coffee Capsule?

A coffee capsule is most likely what you think of when you think of a coffee pod.  Made popular by brands such as Nespresso it is a vacuum sealed container usually made from aluminium or plastic that is filled with ground coffee.  The vacuum seal protects the enclosed coffee from exposure to elements such as oxygen, humidity and heat and is the most commonly used option on the market.

Historically there have been environmental concerns with capsules use however many coffee brands have recognised the need for a sustainable approach to coffee capsules and have introduced compostable options and for us The Branded Coffee Co we proudly partners with Terracycle to provide the correct disposal of the coffee pods in a way that is both sustainable and convenient. 

What is a Coffee Pod?

A coffee pod on the other hand is a flat round parcel with ground coffee pressed between two paper sheets that is inserted into a coffee machine with the correct filter.  Lightweight and easy to store, they generally contain 7g of coffee in each pod, the perfect amount for one cup of coffee (depending who you ask) and is usually compatible with any coffee machine that has a portofiler. 

Widely seen as a more environmentally friendly option than the coffee capsule, coffee pods break down easily due to the paper packaging resulting in a minimal impact on the environment.  The main issue that is faced with coffee pods is that there are limited options available with many coffee companies opting to go down the coffee capsule route.  It is also limited in the fact that most people don’t have a compatible coffee machine for coffee pods.   

So Should I Get Coffee Capsules or Coffee Pods?

While each has their pros and cons, a compostable coffee capsule is the far more convenient option than the coffee pod.  The fact that so many coffee capsule brands are compatible with popular coffee machines, makes it an easy and convenient way to get access to your daily brew.  Coffee capsules are also more widely available, so there are more flavours and variety available to you to choose from.   But what about the environmental factor?  Well, with so many coffee capsule brands shifting their focus to sustainability, and focusing on providing environmentally friendly options with partners such as Terracycle – it is a coffee that you can feel good about consuming. 

With so many conflicting marketing messages out there when it comes to coffee, it is no surprise that you might have been confused as to whether you were consuming a coffee capsule or a coffee pod.  At The Branded Coffee Co, we work hard to provide the highest quality coffee capsules with sustainability at the forefront of everything that we do.  We don’t believe that your favourite coffee should come at the expense of the environment and it is encouraging to see so many other coffee capsule brands also making positive changes to more sustainable options.  

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